Permanent Docks on Lake Winnebago

permanent dock lake winnebago

Hey you guys, Carter here with Century 21 Affiliated and today we’re going to be discussing what you need to know about having a dock on Lake Winnebago. If you are looking at installing a permanent dock on your Lake Winnebago house continue reading this post as I will dive into some detail on the difference between a permanent & seasonal dock.

Difference Between Season vs. Permanent Docks

When it comes to having a dock on Lake Winnebago you need to ask yourself, is it a permanent dock, or is it a seasonal dock? The main difference between the two is one is meant to last and withstand through the winter months and the other needs to be taken out and put back in every single year.

Permanent Docks

With a permanent dock, they will drive large metal or steel posts into the water, or large wood post in order to secure the dock into place. This process is done by professionals who have experience in this sector & will do it properly the first time. With a permanent dock they need to make sure it is installed properly the first time so they can avoid numerous trips back to your property over the next several years. In the grand scheme of things – you get what you pay for.

Now, do you need a professional grade permanent dock if you are in a channel? If you’re in a channel, in most cases, you might be able to leave in your dock even if it is only meant to be seasonal. It depends on how strong the current is in the spring time & if you need to worry about ice shelves damaging your dock. If you’re physically on Lake Winnebago, you will most likely need to remove your pier each year if it is not permanent.

A common permanent pier installer here in the area is Radtke Docks. They do a phenomenal job, but of course there is a high cost to having one of these installed. If you want something that will last decades I would highly recommend highering the best company to do it.

Seasonal Docks on Lake Winnebago

lake winnebago dock for sale

Seasonal docks on Lake Winnebago will either be aluminum, plastic, or wood docks that you’ll bring out or take in every single year. A dock like this will get ruined in the wintertime if you leave it in and the ice shelves come up and push into it. The ice shelves will destroy it based upon how the wind is pushing and how the wind directions change throughout the wintertime. Typically you can get away with spending significantly less money on a seasonal dock & that is my recommendation for most of my clients unless they have a larger budget. A seasonal dock can be purchased at

Watch Out for These Items…

If you are thinking about buying a house on Lake Winnebago, you need to be aware if the dock or pier comes with the property or is that sold separately? Make sure your Realtor asks about that & includes it in an offer to purchase agreement. Remember… if it is not in writing it does not count!

If you need assistance or you’re looking at purchasing the property on Lake Winnebago, feel free to reach out, fill out the form down below, or give me a call or text on my cell phone, which is (920) 252-2864.

I appreciate you guys reading this post and I hope you have a great day.

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