Is This a 3 Season or 4 Season House on Lake Winnebago

cabin on lake winnebago

Hey, you guys, Carter here with CENTURY 21 Affiliated and today we’re going to be discussing the difference between a three-season house on Lake Winnebago and a four-season house on Lake Winnebago. Most three-season homes are referred to as “cabins”.

But, let’s jump into the content right away in this blog post. The main difference between a three and four-season house is how they are constructed and the main heating source within the house.

Three Season House Construction

In most three-season houses, there isn’t a central heating source. They will instead have a supplemental heating source which is either electric baseboard heat or a wall furnace unit. The wall furnace units stand about 5 feet tall & are only meant to heat a 500 sq ft space. If you were planning to live in a home with either of these options year-round, you would really want to check into the cost of the utilities & how energy efficient it is.

cabin on lake winnebago wi

Another component of three-season houses, they don’t have as thick of windows. Meaning it could be just single pane or aluminum windows that are really only meant to keep the elements out (water, snow, sleet) not insulate the properties against the cold or warmth. They are also meant to be winterized every single year coming into the fall or wintertime. If the house is not properly winterized then you will either have a rodent problem in spring, or burst pipes throughout the winter. Neither option is ideal.

Converting a Three-Season House

If you have a three-season house, and you’re looking at converting it to a four-season is to get new windows, add more installation installed, and then get a central heating unit that will heat the entire house efficiently.

Four-Season House Construction

A four-season house on Lake Winnebago is al standard house that you would see in any municipality and it’s something that you can live in year-round without having to worry about winterization issues or insulating.

Because we live in Wisconsin most homes are constructed to last throughout the wintertime & be energy efficient. In today’s building code, they also make sure of this. You don’t need to worry about the pipes freezing or the pipes bursting, or the house is too cold, or the windows not being thick enough because the house is built to withstand all four seasons that we face here in the Northeast Wisconsin area.

Those are the main differences between a three-season and a four-season house. And they also should be things that you need to watch out for when you are looking at purchasing a property on Lake Winnebago. When you’re looking to avoid purchasing a three-season house, ask your realtor what their thoughts are, make sure that there is more than one heating source, and that is constructed to withstand the harsh winters.

If I can be of assistance in helping you find Lake Winnebago homes for sale, please feel free to fill out the form down below, or give me a call on my cell phone, which is (920) 252-2864. Thanks so much and have a great day.

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