Lake Flies on Lake Winnebago

lake flies on lake winnebago

Hey you guys, Carter here with Century 21 Affiliated. And in today blog, we’re going to be discussing lake flies on Lake Winnebago. What are they, and why do they come hatch every summer? And how do you go about cleaning your house after they’re here? So, let’s get started on this information.

Where Are The Lake Flies From on Lake Winnebago

Lake files, where are they from? They’re buried in the mud of the lake via larvae. Of course fish eat them for food prior to them hatching. And then, once they hatch, they start flying around like a normal fly. Typically, there are multiple hatching periods throughout the summer timeframe. The first beginning right around Mother’s Day. After they hatch in another two or three weeks they die off and then they come back about a month or so later, in that June/July timeframe. There is multiple hatchings of lake flies, and what does this mean for you if you own Lake Winnebago waterfront property, or you’re looking at buying water from property on Lake Winnebago?

What Happens to Lake Winnebago Property During This Time…

lake winnebago houses
An absurd amount of Lake Flies show up on the radar as a storm during the summer time.

What it means is, during those timeframes, when the lake flies are in full spawn, when they’re mating, when they are just all over it gets really bad. That is one thing that you need to expect, if you’re living on Lake Winnebago. And it’s one thing I would always advise my clients on is, you are going to get lake flies, you are going to have to power wash the house every year, and this is just a thing that is standard with living on Lake Winnebago. Of course, if you go to Lake Butte des Morts or Lake Poygan, it might not be as bad, but there is always that chance that you’re still going to get lake flies and that is just the norm here in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin area.

Cleaning Your House After The Lake Flies

How do you go about cleaning the house after the lake flies have hatched? I would say, that’s a project for fall time. You don’t want to do it in the middle of the summer, because it’s just going to get dirty again. What I always recommend is having a company come out & spray your home with a solution to deter lake flies from staying on it. This helps with the mess they make & will save you tons of time in the Fall! And there are possibilities to having your lawn sprayed to keep the lake flies away, and mosquitoes away which also helps.

How to Avoid Lake Flies on Lake Winnebago

To be completely honest with you, there is no way to completely avoid lake flies on Lake Winnebago waterfront property. Your best bet is to start searching for a home on Lake Butte Des Morts where there are not as many. But, if you are willing to deal with the 2-3 hatchings per year and if you need assistance or need help buying a Lake Winnebago property, send me a message or feel free to call me on my cell phone, which is (920) 252-2864. I appreciate you guys reading this blog. Enjoy your day and happy house hunting.

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Lake Flies on Lake Winnebago
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