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Looking to Sell an Oshkosh, WI House?

If you’ve been searching for a Realtor in Oshkosh, you’ve found the right spot!

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Here at the Real Estate Team, we focus on providing our clients with community facts and information so they don’t find themselves regretting their buying or selling decisions.

Oshkosh, WI is an amazing community that we want you to experience for yourself!

You are not just buying property… you are buying a home. One in which memories will be made for years to come.


If you’re looking to sell your Oshkosh House, the Team can help you avoid dealing with inexperienced agents who aren’t community experts. Not only do we give you the facts & figures for today’s market pricing, but we can also provide you with an “Instant Cash Offer” for selling your property.

If your Oshkosh, WI house needs some updating or TLC there is no need to worry. We have many relationships with contractors or service providers throughout the area to help you prepare your home for sale. If you did not want to list the property for sale, but rather sell it directly, we can discuss our “Instant Cash Offer” process.

Most Realtors do not realize they are in the marketing and sales business. When listing a house, a Realtor needs a full-fledged marketing plan along with sales skills in order to net you the highest amount of money in your pocket. Want to see how we can help? Contact us today


If you’re looking for a new house in the Oshkosh area Real Estate has the experience you need to help make the buying process productive, fun, and simple.

Buying a house is supposed to be a fun experience. With a competitive marketplace, you need a Realtor who knows how to get offers accepted. One which will go above and beyond, while providing you with much-needed information on the community you are searching in.

Your Realtor shouldn’t push you into maxing out your budget or buying something you’re not comfortable with. However, they should be able to guide you in the right direction for your purchase strategy. One bad Realtor can ruin your home buying experience for years to come…


Our owner, Carter Crowley, runs a well-known investment company throughout the Fox Valley Area. The team was put together because Carter found a lack of experience in the Realtor niche for Oshkosh real estate. Want to learn more about our investment company? Click here…

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When you work with Real Estate we promise to help you…

  • Identify the Perfect Neighborhood to Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Work With the Most Sought After Inspectors, Lenders, and Vendors
  • Find a School District that is Right for Your Children
  • Learn About the City, Restaurants, and Activities You can Enjoy

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