Lake Winnebago Lake Lots For Sale | How to Find Off Market Lots

How to Find Off Market Lake Winnebago Lake Lots For Sale

lake winnebago lots for sale

Hey, you guys. Carter here with Crowley Real Estate and Century 21, and today we’re going to be talking about and going over how to find Lake Winnebago lake lots for sale. As you probably know, if you’re reading this article, or if you’re watching the video (below), Lake Winnebago lake lots are few and far between. There’s  only a handful on the market at any given point in time, and they’re most likely overpriced if they’ve been sitting for the last two, three, four, five to six months. A quick tip for everyone reading this… all reasonably priced property sells quick

So, what can you do if you are looking to possibly build on the lake, or just keep the Lake Winnebago lot for your personal use? Here are some tips and strategies…

What Area Do You Want Your Lake Winnebago Lake Lot

The first tip I would say is what area are you searching for? Pinpoint the exact area, whether it’s Neenah, Menasha, Fond du Lac, or Oshkosh area. Whatever it is, make sure you pinpoint the area that you would want to possibly live or own a lake lot on Lake Winnebago.

After you identify the area, the next step is to drive around and look for vacant land that borders the lake, or if it’s not vacant land, look for a very, very distressed or pretty much dilapidated houses that could be torn down where you can build a new house on. This is going to be the easiest process for you to find and market to off-market property owners. This is a very common strategy for the real estate investing niche & it is called driving for dollars ( It’s very easy to do, and this is what we do when we are looking for new houses to flip. We market to them via postcards, mailers, phone calls, but I will get into that more in the next step.

How to Get ahold of Lake Winnebago Lake Lot Owners

cold calling real estate ownersThe next step for finding Lake Winnebago lots for sale is send something to the owner. Whether you pick up the phone & you call them, or you send something in the mail introducing yourself & what you want (Takes an average of 3-6 mailers for a response). You can find their personal information if you go on the Winnebago County, or Outagamie County, or Calumet County GIS map.  Of course when you’re out driving, write down the address if there’s an address or take a picture on your phone. You can then find the lot on the GIS map, and go to the tax record and it’ll show the owner’s information. Along with the owners name it has their current mailing address where the tax bill is mailed too.

What Do You Say to Lake Winnebago Lake Lot Owners

What should your letter, postcard, or if you give them a phone call, what should it say? In reality, keep it simple. Don’t go too in depth. I would just say, “Hi. My name is (name) and I’ve been searching for a lot on Lake Winnebago for (enter timeline). I was curious if you would consider selling your property or parcel located at (address)?”. Of course, put your name, phone number, email address, if you are mailing them so they can get in contact if they are interested in selling their Lake Winnebago lake lot to you. Mailing owners tends to take the longest for a response, so I would always recommend calling or even texting them if you want something quicker.

Wrapping it Up…

Those are my tips and tricks for getting off-market Lake Winnebago lots for sale. That is how you would do it by marketing to the owner directly. There are few lots that come on the MLS so this is definitely the best strategy.

And if you want me to do it for you, you’re thinking, “Okay, Carter. I found the lots. Can you get in contact with the owner for me?” All you have to do is give me the addresses. I’ll actually call the owner. I’ll see if they’re interested in selling, & if they are, great. If they aren’t, we can’t do anything about it so we just keep moving forward. All we can do is stay in contact because maybe they will change their mind.

So if you have questions, if you need help buying a Lake Winnebago property, or you’re searching for Lake Winnebago property for sale, feel free to reach out. Fill out the form down below or give me a call at (920) 252-2864. I look forward to talking to you, and have a great rest of your day.

Lake Winnebago Lake Lots For Sale | How to Find Off Market Lots
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