Best Shoreline on Lake Winnebago

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In this blog Carter is going to go over the best shoreline on Lake Winnebago WI. Of course, this is a matter of opinion based upon my past experiences 🙂 I hope you find the article valuable & insightful in making a decision to buy a waterfront property. If you have any questions please call 920-252-2864.

Different Types of Shoreline

best shoreline lake winnebago

When I refer to different types of shoreline I am talking about what is underneath the water. Is it sand, rock, mud, or a mixture? Depending upon where you are located on Lake Winnebago, you will have one of the above options.

Where Is the Sand? Of course everyone wants a nice sandy beach for out in front of their house. It is the next best thing to the ocean! But where is that located & how do they form?

Lake Winnebago is mostly a clay/mud bottom lake. The lake is only 26 feet deep at the maximum. However, there are shorelines that have deposits of Sand that are amazing for swimming, fishing, & enjoying the water.

A few sections with a Sandy shoreline are the following:

  • North End of the Lake: Most of the Properties Located by Waverly Place (on the Firelane Roads) all have a Sandy waterfront section. However, be aware that in the summer time this area gets full of Algae when the winds are coming out of the South.
  • South & South West End of the Lake: In Fond du Lac & North Fond du Lac there are sections that are all Sand on the shoreline. These areas range from 2-7 feet in depth and are beautiful to enjoy in the summer time.
  • Oshkosh Bays & Town of Black Wolf: In some of the bays located on the West side of the lake (North Oshkosh) there are sections of sandy shorelines. Also, the area by Lakeside Elementary School in Town of Black Wolf (South Oshkosh) is a sandy shoreline commonly referred to as “Stretches”.

With Lake Winnebago being so shallow there are sand bars that are featured on every side of the lake, but the ones mentioned above are most common.

Mud, Rock, or Mixture. 

Besides the locations mentioned above, the rest of Lake Winnebago will consist of a Mud/Rock mixture. With the way the glaciers deposited sediment when they were moving through Wisconsin, that is how Lake Winnebago was formed. In a matter of 100-200 yards the bottom can change from sand to mud, to rock. That is why it is SO important to do research on a particular Lake Winnebago House before buying it.

Best Lake Winnebago Shoreline for Kids

sand bar lake winnebago

Ideally, if you have children or even teenagers, they will want to enjoy the Lake on the nice warm summer days. So what does this mean for you? Well, would you or your kids want to swim & step in the water if you knew you would sink up to your shins in mud? How about if you stepped in & were immediately greeted with multiple rocks/pebbles going into your foot.

Neither of those options may seem ideal for “swimming” or enjoying the summers. But, what about a nice sandy bottom that was warm and inviting. That could be perfect!

So, my advice to you is dependent upon if this is just a summer home or if this is a full time residence. If you are living there full time then School District will matter for you & your family. However, if this is just a summer home, you can choose anywhere you like.

In my opinion, the best shoreline on Lake Winnebago is in the Town of Black Wolf area or North Oshkosh. I am a little biased since this is the area I was born & raised. But, with my knowledge on Lake Winnebago I know that these sections allow for larger lots (more frontage), sandy shorelines, & great fishing/boating sections.

Average Cost of Lake Winnebago Houses

Depending upon what the economy is doing, Lake Winnebago property is generally $350,000+. It is not cheap to live on the Lake, however the benefits typically outweigh the cost. I have multiple friends & family members who own Lake Winnebago property & they absolutely love it. Whether it is the convenience of enjoying the water in the summer, or going ice fishing/snowmobiling in the winter.

Owning waterfront property on Lake Winnebago is a dream for most residents of the Fox Valley. If you are looking for help in finding your next (or first) Lake Winnebago Home, please call or text 920-252-2864 or fill out the form below.




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