Best Lake Winnebago Restaurants

You might find yourself out & about on your boat or driving in the car & wondering “Where can I go eat on the Lake?”. Well, in this blog post Carter is going to shed some light on the best restaurants to eat at on Lake Winnebago. Whether you are looking for a fish fry, gooey cheese curds, or a place to grab a couple drinks please continue reading!

Best Fish-Fry on Lake Winnebago

Wendt’s on the Lake – Wendt’s is a well known local spot that serves fish year round. On Friday nights they have their fish-fry that is hard to beat! However, make sure you bring cash to pay as they do not take credit cards! There is an ATM inside, but you don’t want to be stuck without money when your bill comes after dinner…

Jim & Linda’s Lakeview Supper Club – Enjoy the supper club dining atmosphere with the free bread with you meal. Jim & Linda’s is a great local spot located on the East Shore of Lake Winnebago. If you are going for dinner, you can expect a decent wait time as they are extremely busy during their Friday night fish fries.


Best Local Eateries  on Lake Winnebago

TJ’s on the Harbor – TJ’s is located just south of Oshkosh on the West side of the lake. TJ’s has all food types including: fish, chicken, burgers, veggie, & more! I have been to TJ’s over a dozen times and have never had a bad meal. You can sit outside during the summer months or relax by the fireplace during the winter. I would highly recommend TJ’s if you are in the area.lake winnebago places to eat

Schmitty’s Bar & Grill – Great food & amazing service! Schmitty’s is located on the south side of Winnebago in Fond du Lac. In the summer & winter months it is always busy because of the boat traffic (sand-bar near by) & because of the snowmobiling & ice racing. Schmitty’s is a favorite for those living down in Fond du Lac county & might be worth the drive if you have enough time.


Best Sports Bar on Lake Winnebago

best sports bar lake winnebago
Outdoor Patio Seating at Waverly Beach

Waverly Beach –  If you are looking for somewhere to sit & enjoy the Packer or Badger games while looking out at the Water this is a great spot! Tons of space outside during the summer time where you can sit & relax by the Tiki Bar or just enjoy the patio dining service. The large interior is great for watching sporting events & enjoying a bite to eat with Friends or family. Waverly beach is located on the North Side of Winnebago in the Town of Menasha.


How Much Will Dinner Cost?

The nice part about going out for a bite to eat in the Northeast Wisconsin area is that it is never really that expensive. Compared to some of the costal cities in the United States our food cost is very affordable. If you are looking at going out for dinner ordering a normal meal I would expect to spend around $13-18 per person for the food. If you have drinks with dinner, it will roughly ad another $3 per beer or $6 per mixed drink. You can enjoy a night out on the boat or driving in the car for less than $75 which is extremely affordable if you don’t make it a habit.


How Can I Help?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. If you or anyone you know is searching or selling Lake Winnebago Waterfront Property please reach out 920-252-2864. I have grown up in the Oshkosh WI area my entire life & spent numerous hours out on Lake Winnebago. If you have any further questions or need assistance please call or text.

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