What Happens During a “Bad” Home Inspection

bad home inspection

When you are buying a house it is always a smart idea to get a home inspection done. For the convencience of keeping this article short, a home inspection is done by a private 3rd party individual with a Wisconsin home inspector license. They will inspect everything from the foundation up through the roof. They will then send you a 30+ page report documenting everything the saw & the overall condition of the home.

Length of an Inspection

Of course this is dependent upon the size of the house. A 800 sq ft house will not take as long to inspect as a 8000 sq ft house. Another reason for a home inspection taking longer than expected is due to finding multiple “defects” in the property. This will lead to the inspector explaining things to you & how it should have properly been done.

Making Repairs After an Inspection

The point of a home inspection is to find any “defects” or safety hazards that are wrong in any property. It is a home inspectors job to find as many as possible so most reports are 30+ pages. Now what happens if they find defects or safety hazards?

Option 1: You can request that the seller repair the items in a proposed amendment to the offer to purchase. Of course this is just a “request”, so they seller technically does not have to agree to it. They might even counter you back with what they deem is reasonable. This can go back & forth but most of the time this resolves any issues.

Option 2: If the seller is not willing to fix your requested repairs & they are substantial enough, you can issue a Notice of Defects. This states that if the seller does not agree to making such repairs you WILL NOT purchase the house. Normally, as Realtors we try to avoid this whenever possible. However, I would never want a client to purchase a home they are not comfortable with.

Option 3: The last option would be to just ignore the repairs & take care of them after you purchase the house. I would recommend this if you are handy or have friends or family that can help you with some of the items.

My Recommendation on Home Inspections

Like I mentioned previously, I would always recommend getting a home inspection. Even if you are purchasing the property as-is, you can still use the inspection for informational purposes. However, with an as-is sale the seller is stating they WILL NOT be making any repairs.

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In regards to asking the seller to make repairs, I normally follow the “unspoken rule” of just asking for the major items. When I refer to major items, that typically means:

  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Siding, Gutters
  • Foundation
  • Electrical & Plumbing

These items will cost the most & I would rather have my clients get those fixed or replaced prior to them buying the house. The minor things like paint, carpet, light fixtures, etc. is something that you can handle on your own as a new home buyer.

If you really love the house most people can look past the minor safety hazards & just move forward in the offer to purchase.

In Conclusion…

As a buyer you are encouraged to attend the home inspection so you can learn more about the potential home you are purchasing. I will try my hardest to be there with you to hear what is all going on.

If you need any help finding or searching for your next home please feel free to fill out the form below or give me a call/text on my cell 920-252-2864

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