Buying a Fixer Upper For First Home – Appleton WI

Would I recommend buying a fixer upper house as a first time home buyer? Well, before I answer that question let me ask you a few questions: Are you fixing up the house yourself? How handy are you? How much free time do you have? Do you plan on living in the house while remodeling? … Continued

Buying a Duplex With Family – Appleton WI

Read This Before Your Buy a Duplex With Your Family…. If you’re considering buying a duplex with family, this is the article for you. My name’s Carter, and I’m a real estate agent with Crowley Real Estate and Century 21 Affiliated, and today we’re going to be discussing buying a duplex with family members, or … Continued

Financing a Duplex | Appleton WI

Need to Know: Financing a Duplex Hey All, Carter here with Crowley Real Estate and Century 21, and today we’re going to be talking about what you need to know when you’re looking at financing a duplex or financing a small multifamily purchase. So first things first, it really depends on if you’re planning to … Continued

Tips for Selling A Multi-Family Property in Appleton

Obviously, the process of selling a multi-family property is quite a bit more complex than that for selling a single-family home – and usually for the obvious reason that a lot more people are involved. In addition, sellers of multi-family property have to follow certain rules and regulations in order to be legally compliant. Above … Continued

Best Ways To Sell An Apartment Building In The Appleton Area

Apartment buildings present some unique challenges when it comes to selling. It involves a different process than selling a house does, and that means certain steps become more important. In fact, it can be a very intimidating and overwhelming undertaking for those with little experience in this area. Here, then, are a few of the best ways … Continued

5 Signs of a Great Commercial Real Estate Agent in Appleton

Ready to up your real estate investment game? Don’t do it alone. Get a reputable and experienced commercial real estate agent to work the deal for you. If you are wondering how to find one, here are five signs of a great commercial real estate agent in Appleton. Do your due diligence on an agent … Continued

6 Signs You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property in Appleton

When should you sell your commercial property? The answer is simple, but knowing when the answer applies to your situation . . .  not so much. Basically, though, there are two times when it’s right to sell your commercial property in Appleton: 1.) when it looks as though the property may begin to cost you … Continued

Signs It Is Time To Sell Your Multi-Family Property In Appleton

Multi-family properties are great investments that have multiple tenants ensuring you are able to build equity in the property quickly and efficiently. But as with every niche in real estate, there are times to buy, times to hold and times to sell a property. Here are signs it is time to sell your multi-family property … Continued